5 Alternative Valentines Gifts for her

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Are you looking for an alternative way to indulge your loved one on 14 February?   I love the idea of giving treats to someone special and it doesn’t have to be just on Valentines Day, so stay with me for some outside the box thinking with these 5 alternative Valentines Gifts for her.

I want you to show you how non-traditional Valentine’s gifts can still be sweet, romantic and fun.  Honestly, cuddly bears holding heart-shaped love tokens or a gorgeous flower arrangement are cool but imagine the joy your special girl will feel when she knows you’ve made such an effort for Valentines Day.

So read on for a these 5 alternative Valentines Gifts for her below!


Homemade Vegan Chocolate Truffles

One of my favourite chocolates is Lindt balls, those hard chocolate balls filled with liquid chocolate – a double chocolate dream!

Likewise, these Vegan Chocolate Truffles have the double chocolate combination and you can easily make them at home.  Certainly, you will have around 24 hard chocolate shell filled truffles with a soft chocolate centre.  Totally divine!

Homemade Greeting Cards

The greetings cards I’ve cherished the most have been handmade for me; I’ve appreciated the time taken to put them together. The chances are if you make a beautiful card, the effort you’ve put into creating it will mean it’s likely to be treasured for a very long time.

Similarly, you can make this cute Valentines card with re-cycling materials you probably have lying around in junk drawers, craft boxes and kiddie’s toy buckets.  Give it a go!

Candlelit Takeout Dinner

Here’s a great example to show your loved one that romance is still alive and kicking – treat her to a romantic meal at home!

In short, you can order a takeout meal, light the scented candles and chill your own wine.  This way you will still skip the cooking and both of you can take as long as you want over your romantic evening.

A romantic meal for two with wine

Flowers Given By Hand

Do you want to see her big smile when you walk in the door with flowers?

So pick up grocery store flowers, add a red ribbon and spring this surprise on your favourite person, or likewise, buy a potted plant or succulent which will last way beyond 14 February.

Beautiful flowers in a vase

Give A Recycled Jewellery Gift

Who knew that beautiful jewellery made from everyday products can be transformed into spectacular and unique jewellery pieces?  The artisans who create these pieces are totally inspired!

You will have done your bit to save the environment just a little if you buy recycled jewellery.

For example, WORKSHOPone80 make these beautifully simple and inexpensive necklaces.  A recycled glass bead sits perfectly on a coated wire choker and will make a brilliant gift for her.

There you go! Which of these 5 Alternative Valentines Gifts for her will you try?