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Hi, my name is Wavenie Jones.

VibeAlchemist is all about creating a radiant, joy-filled life.

My passion for hand-making gorgeous women’s clothes, tasteful home decor and baking delicious cakes gave me a sense of achievement, adventure and fun.  Knowing this made want to empower others to ‘have a go’ and realise that being surrounded by beautiful objects can lift their vibrations and fill everyday life with joy.

You will be inspired by modern and stylish women’s clothes, pretty accessories and more – and there are gift guides to show you where to find them.  Hey, you may even want to try a bit of do-it-yourself!

Do you want to overcome what life has thrown at you and live your best life?  I’ve experienced this happen in my own life through meditation, manifesting, intuition, the Law of Attraction and being willing to learn and grow.  You’ll find books and resources to help you understand this way of thinking and being.

I’m always experimenting about health and wellness so I’ll be throwing in tips to keep your body and mind in a state of bliss.

So let’s get started …………. make room in your life for something a bit more special

Something you will cherish.

Something that brings you JOY.

That will change your vibe.

And that will change your life!

Little by little, creating your very own happier, joy-filled, in-flow, creative and high vibe life!

And that’s what v i b e ▲ a l c h e m i s t  is all about. I hope you love it. xxx

Wavenie Jones, the Vibe Alchemist