VibeAlchemist is all about creating a radiant, joy-filled life.

My passion for me-made clothes, tasteful home decor and crafting gives me such a sense of achievement, adventure and fun.  These days, I’m always up for having a go at new skills and making room in my life for something a bit more special .  I love being surrounded by beautiful objects which lift my vibrations and fill every day with life with joy.

I’m open to experimenting with health and wellness so maybe I’ll share something I think will keep my body and mind in a state of bliss, or at least keep the aches away.

Little by little, I’m creating my happier, joy-filled, in-flow, creative and high vibe life!

And that’s what v i b e ▲ a l c h e m i s t  is all about. I hope you love it. xxx

Wave, the Vibe Alchemist